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Conference video case

Conference video case1

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In recent years, the development of electronic conference systems has been particularly rapid. Numerous brands have emerged at home and abroad. However, users and manufacturers agree on industry standards. The simple summary is: advanced technology, economical and reasonable, practical and reliable. The intelligent control system should have an open programmable control platform and control logic, as well as a humanized Chinese control interface, which can control the free switching and distribution of audio and video, and have custom scene storage and scene recall functions. It must cooperate with various wired/ The wireless touch screen can realize remote control of all functions.

  Multi-function hall, small meeting room, middle meeting room, large meeting room, row of seats meeting room, leadership meeting room, VIP reception room, etc. With so many meeting rooms, the functions are extremely complicated. How to realize centralized management and meeting appointment management will be an important part of reflecting the intelligence of the entire building. It is necessary to fully consider its actual use functions and decorative effects, but also to comply with scientific laws and advanced system design ideas. This puts forward high requirements for the overall integrated control of the entire building, which must comply with internationalization, advancement, and high Intelligent. After making full scientific analysis and relying on its rich engineering experience, Shichuang Intelligent has tailored unique intelligent control solutions for customers.

  Manage through the Shichuang intelligent central control system to realize intelligent and intensive management and control. Various complicated professional equipment and related peripheral equipment can be controlled through reasonable configuration and programming control to achieve simplified and humanized control. , And each single device is controlled by the controller, which will greatly reduce human misoperation and significantly improve efficiency, so that non-professionals can easily control the conference process and the conversion of the venue mode. Realize one-key control or mode control of the equipment in the system to achieve high reliability of the entire system

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