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The application of the bus monitoring system is similar to that of bus monitoring, mainly including long-distance passenger vehicles and tourist buses. With the development of social economy, the requirements for traveling by car are getting higher and higher. We advocate green emergence, safe rides, and improve journey safety. , Reduce the occurrence of cases and accidents, GPS serial camera has taken a very important role in the on-board monitoring system; because the long-distance bus travels long, the distance is long, and there are many people on and off, passengers also need to sleep (night bus), when criminal acts There have been occurrences; especially vicious incidents such as theft and robbery of car bandits and robbers on the way have a great impact; and criminals are flocking to commit crimes, and it is not easy to leave evidence; therefore, the monitoring of long-distance buses is of urgency to protect the property and personal safety of our passengers. On the one hand, after installing a GPS serial camera, it can monitor the situation in the bus in all directions. The GPS platform can monitor the trajectory and route of the bus in time, and monitor the driver's illegal operation and overloading; on the other hand, GPS The serial port camera monitors the crew of the bus, takes passengers privately during the journey, collects money and does not give tickets, or gives fake tickets, etc. to perform remote monitoring throughout the whole process, comprehensively enhance the image of the passenger transport company and improve the quality of service, so that our passengers can truly Experience happy travel and safe ride.

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